A Link to the Past

Constructing Historical Social Networks from Unstructured Data

This is the companion website to the PhD thesis of Matje van de Camp, titled A Link to the Past: Constructing Historical Social Networks from Unstructured Data, which is set to be published late 2015.

The data source used for the research is the Biographical Dictionary of Socialism and the Workers' Movement in the Netherlands, hosted by the International Institute for Social History.

Data analysis

Presented here are the results of our method for automated social network extraction on the BWSA. We show the top 10 ranked people and the full network per year and per decade for the period 1860 up to, but not including, 1920.

Leipzig eHumanities Innovation Award 2012

Some of the ideas behind the research are explained in the video below, which was awarded with the Leipzig eHumanities Innovation Award 2012.

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